A New Use for Those Sponge Tip Eye Shadow Applicators

by Alexandra Owens

Roger CabelloRoger CabelloOne woman's trash can be a makeup artist's treasure, or so I learned during a recent chat with Troy Surratt, a guest judge for Allure's 2013 Beauty Blogger Awards. Instead of tossing the disposable sponge tip applicators that come with eye shadow compacts, he likes to repurpose them for the lips.

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"They can be a useful little tool for blending and applying lipstick as a lip stain," he says. "The sponge absorbs the oiliness of a lipstick and deposits just the right amount of pigment onto the lips. It creates a really beautiful effect." Surratt suggests lightly sweeping the sponge across the lipstick, then patting and smearing the color onto your lips. It's similar to using your finger, he says, but you get more even coverage… and fewer germs. (If you tossed yours, you can buy extra packs, like Sally Girl's Sponge Tip Applicators.)

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