Tia and Tamara Tried the V-Steam... Would You Pamper Your Privates?

T&TPersonal care has taken another step waaay out there. This weekend, I was watching an episode of Tia & Tamera on the Style Network. The twin sisters decided to make it a spa day. When the receptionist confirmed their treatments, nonchalantly, she said "you're here for the V-Steam." The twins assumed it was your typical facial. That's what I would assume. But no.

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Then what the heck is a V-Steam? It just did not compute. The Tikkun Holistic Spa owner began to explain. Simply put, it's a vaginal steam bath - a vajayjay facial. It's only offered at selected spas in Southern California and New York.

Ouch! That sounds painful, right? But not at all. In reality, it's an ancient Korean beauty ritual. It has been featured on the show The Doctors. There are claims that the v-steam, or "chai-yok," helps to balance hormones, detox, regulate menstrual cycles and aid fertility, among many other health benefits. It's not the steam, but the herbs in it, that do the job. The herbs vary depending on the spa's v-steam cocktail, but the active herbs in most cases are mugwort and wormwood. Both are commonly used in women's health in parts of Asia.

Gynecologist Lissa Rankin, MD, admits that "it's not completely implausible that vaginal delivery of specific Chinese herbs might have some benefit." She continues, "There's no scientific evidence to support or reject the claims made by advocates of vaginal steam baths, so the truth of the matter is that we just don't know whether they offer any health benefit."

You have to watch Tia & Tamera's reaction to the treatment. I'm sure they asked all the questions running around in your head. I know my questions were answered!

Would I get a V-Steam? Yes, but only if and when I'm a few months postpartum. I'm sure my lady parts will appreciate a little TLC immediately after a little person has made their arrival. From what the testimonials say, it's very relaxing. Who doesn't love relaxing spa treatments?
- By Tamara Floyd

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