Tips to Rock '40's Retro Hair

By Anastasia Nam for

Rockin' retroRockin' retro

The 1940's were a time of starlets, pin up girls, sleek fashions and elegant hairstyles. The hairstyles of the forties continue to influence today's styles, and now the elegant twisted styles of the forties are on trend again. These styles aren't hard to do, they just take a bit of practice and right use of products and styling tools. The key to today's updated retro look is to keep the hair from looking too neat and tidy. Instead let your hair have a bit of texture and volume. Here's how to style a 1940's retro half up and half down do.

  • Let your hair air dry, or use your fingers to comb through it while you blow dry it. Use volumizing mousse or hair paste to give it extra volume. A root volumizer spray also works great to pump up the volume and create texture.

  • Part your hair a bit off center and section out two pieces of hair on each side of your head. Start from your ears back and don't go all of the way to the back of your head.

  • Take some paste or wax and apply it to one section. Loosely roll the section and secure it up behind your ears with some bobby pins. Repeat this on the other side of your head.

  • You can also twist several smaller sections at a time for a different, more current look.

  • Use a curling iron to give the back of your hair waves, spray with hair spray and you're done.

You can also use some pretty hair clips for a special look. Remember to keep the look loose and not over done. You can see this hairstyle on runways and red carpets. Recently the models at the Miu Miu fashion show wore this retro look. Combine this look with a hot red hair color, and you'll be on trend and in style.

If you're unsure how to style a 1940's retro twist, have your hairstylist help you out. She can show you the tricks, and what products and styling tools to use to create this vintage look.

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