The Top Reason for a Bad Haircut (Hint: It May Be Your Fault)

Don't assume your stylist remembers everythingThe top reason for a bad haircut is assuming your stylist remembers everything. Just as you would discuss your medical history with a doctor, you should brief your stylist on your hair.

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A successful recommendation from your stylist is dependent on her knowledge of past treatments and services. The longer your hair, the further back in time you'll need to recall. Even if you've covered up highlights from six months ago, they're still in your hair and will affect how different sections respond to color.

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"There is no such thing as 'do what you did last time,'" says Allen Ruiz, Aveda North American styling director. Jog your stylist's memory by bringing in a picture of yourself with the style you love and explain what you specifically like about it.

- By Jennifer Barnes

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