Trend We Love: Metallics: Would You Wear It?

I love gold. I spray paint entire pieces of furniture gold. I collect gold shirts, skirts, shoes, and dresses. And of course, I only wear gold jewelry. So, you can imagine my excitement when this new metallic trend took off.

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To help you get gold-inspired, here are my top five metallic loves that are trending right now:

No. 5: Chain Necklace

Talk about a statement piece! This gold chain necklace will definitely garner a lot of attention.

No. 4: Beaded Bracelet

This is gold gone casual. I love how easy and carefree this bracelet looks -- and I bet it's easy to recreate after a stop at the craft store. (Click here for more DIY accessory ideas.)

No. 3: Gold Pants

Proving that you can wear glittery, shimmery clothing beyond New Year's Eve. For more bright pant options, click here.

No. 2: Gold Eye Makeup

OK, so this girl has gorg eyes already, but you have to admit, the gold eye makeup really makes that blue pop. (Learn how to wear gold eye makeup here.)

No. 1: Metallic Nails

I'm a sucker for nail polish and nail art -- just check out these awesome ideas -- so you can imagine how much I love this nail look. I think Chanel is calling my name.

Tell me: Do you love this metallic trend as much as I do? Leave your comments below.

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