True or False: Hair Grows Faster in the Summer

Shannon R., SELF magazine

Do you swear that your hair needs a few more trims during the summer? Maybe you need to shave a bit more? I'll admit, I used to think that this was a beauty myth, but I've seen some research that's changed my mind. I love when science proves me wrong! Here's a look at why you actually might need a few extra haircuts (and razors!) in the warm summer months.

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A study out of the University of Bradford in the UK measured guys beards and leg hair throughout the year and found that the growth rate was lowest in January and February and then rose steadily till it peaked in July. Even though the study was done on men, it would make sense to see a similar trend among women. Add to that the results of a study done in Chile, which found that your hair also sheds less in the summer. So not only does it grow a bit faster, but more stays on your head!

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Bottom Line

While I think more research needs to be done on women, there does seem to be some pretty conclusive data to support this beauty fact! Keep in mind: Since you lose less hair in the summer, it's even more important to protect hair from damage. Remember to stock up on conditioner and wear a hat to protect your locks from UV rays.

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