Truth America in Mid 2012

I honestly believe Americans are not being told the truth because we are in a re-election year.

Unemployment is probably about 12 million instead of the 5 reported because many Americans just do the best they can and stopped collecting unemployment years ago. I know of three men who have not worked in many years. They live with friends.

We are being lied to. China is full of contaminated land with heavy metals and this is very sad. They have good farms though and can feed all their people. Here in America we have enough to go around if we take care of our own first.

Wars and other countries buying our lands are two reasons America is in an economic crisis.

During the Great Depression, a husband and wife had no birth control and usually they had about 10 to 15 children and had to work sun up to sun down to survive. They made all of their own clothing. They had no fire departments so if they lost their home, it was just too bad with no insurance.
There was no need for many jails. The purpose of a jail is to get a person alone out of society to learn they did wrong and why. There were no prisons. Now we have young people thinking this is a great place t live. Why? If they went to a foreign prison they would not eat unless their family brought them food. They would not have exercise equipment computers, ovens and each other. Now they are over crowded.
It is a shameful thing to go there. You cannot get a scholarship to go to college when you get out and most people are thinking you are different. Who belongs there? The ones who hurt small innocent children and woman,because they cannot be changed, murderers and big time thieves.
If we want more of the same please vote for Congress and the President we have. Just learn some truth.Five generations of Healthy Americans