Two Simple and Flattering Beauty Tricks from Miranda Kerr

by Petra Guglielmetti

Getty ImagesGetty Images

Miranda Kerr was out and about in NYC yesterday, hitting up back-to-back events and looking spectacular while doing it. Nothing new. But here's something fun to note: When I compared photos of Miranda's beauty look from each event, I noticed two major similarities / flattering beauty tricks that she employed. Can you spot them too?

Above Miranda in a peach dress, matte skin and coral lips appearing on Fox & Friends.

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And here she is with a yellow dress, dewy skin and red lips at a Gillette Venus event.

Getty ImagesGetty Images See what I'm talking about? Miranda chose the exact same neckline both times: sweetheart with cap sleeves. So flattering and face-framing. (I wore a similar neckline for my wedding, and I love how it looks in the photos! Also, if any of you know a more technical term for this neckline, I would love to know what it is.) Along with that, she swept half her hair forward and half back; this is a pretty way to show off both your neck and your long hair. Having all the hair in front would distract from the neckline's effect.

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How do you like the pretty neckline Miranda has on here? Do you ever choose dresses/tops based on how they'll frame your face?

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