The Ultimate Summer Beauty Guide

Look gorgeous all summer long. Photo courtesy of J.CrewThe calendar says spring, but the heat and humidity are screaming summer, which means it's time to change up your beauty routine. Goopy moisturizers and melting eyeliner? No thank you! Some women may steer clear of applying makeup during the sweltering summer months, but there is a way to apply it over your SPF. Here's how to stay pretty no matter how muggy it is outside.

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One of the first places to get hit with makeup meltdown is the eye area. After meticulously applying eye shadow, eyeliner, and just the right amount of mascara for that pretty, doe-eyed look, most women will notice that at least half of it has already relocated leaving them looking a hot mess. The key to avoiding this? Layering.

Liner: "Just remember powder, wax [liner], gel," advises MAC Cosmetics senior makeup artist Tiffany Johnston. Start by shaping your eyes with an eye pencil (try NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, $4, Then, use gel eyeliner to go over the lines that you've created with the eye pencil. "The gel locks everything in," Johnston says. "It will still be easy to get off at the end of the day but will wear for a long time." NARS makeup stylist Niko Lopez recommends using a light-colored eyeliner in shades like mint green or a shimmer brass along the waterline (the area right above your lower lash) to make eyes appear bigger and brighter.

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Lid prep: Before applying mascara or eye shadow, apply a bit of powder (can be either face or blotting powder) onto the eye area. "It dries out the oil around your lash lines helping to hold the mascara better," Johnston says.

Mascara: Lopez suggests making your mascara fun this summer by rocking a bright one to attract extra attention to your eyes. "One of my favorite tricks is to use a disposable mascara wand to mix a bright eye shadow like NARS Outremer, a bold cobalt blue, with NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base to create a bright mascara," he explains.


Building a good base is crucial to keep your face from melting, too.

Cleanse: Giorgio Armani Celebrity Face Designer artist Tim Quinn, who works with Kerry Washington, advises removing any residue from your pores by washing with a good foaming face cleanser or using a Clarisonic (try the Mia, $119,

SPF: New York-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Doris Day suggests applying sunscreen first, before your moisturizer. "You can protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays without causing breakouts," she says. "Look for sunscreens that are light, oil-free, and noncomedogenic. You can have superior sun protection that leaves your skin looking healthy and clear."

Primer: Follow up with a gel-based product such as Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer ($57, to lock your foundation into place.

Foundation: In the summer you may not want or need full coverage, so a BB or CC cream is a better option. These all-inclusive products include SPF protection, moisture, and coverage so you don't have to worry about applying a bunch of products. (We love Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour, $35,


Summertime is the best time to pay extra attention to your strands because of sun exposure. "Sitting in the sun too long can dry it out," says Edward Tricomi, owner of the Warren-Tricomi Salon in New York. The beach (salt water) and pool (chlorine) will also wreak havoc on your hair and ruin your color.

Cleanse: Use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to remove product buildup, oil, and sweat.

Protect: Tricomi suggests applying an oil to your hair when you'll be exposed to the sun's rays for a prolonged period of time. Hair oils can also protect your hair from salt water and chlorine.

Go au naturel: Sorry ladies—you should also ditch your blow dryer, curling iron, and hair straightener. "Since we are overexposing our hair to the sun in the summertime, try to cut down on styling tools as they will damage your hair," Tricomi says. For no-effort curls, try washing your hair at night and putting it into pigtail braids. In the morning your hair will be dry, frizz-free, and have perfect soft waves. To straighten hair, slick it into a tight low bun after washing until it completely dries. Better yet: Embrace your natural texture. There are better things to spend time on this summer than slaving away on your hairstyle.

For more summer beauty ideas check out the video below:

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