What We're Sweet On: A Scent That's Perfect for Everyday Wear

Source: What We're Sweet On: A Scent That's Perfect For Everyday Wear

Picking a perfume is almost like picking a partner: you want it to be the perfect blend of sweet, sultry, and long-lasting, without the overpowering effects. Kiehl's Aromatic Mist in Vanilla and Cedarwood ($75) is a match made in heaven. The scent is light and creamy with hints of musk from the cedarwood, making it an ideal mix of the masculine and feminine.

Kiehl's has somehow concocted a perfume that's detectable to the nose, but that isn't obtrusive at all. A couple of spritzes before you walk out the door are really all you need, and it's complex enough to build into a fragrance that works for a night out, too. And the bottle looks like one of those old-fashioned medicine vials - perfect for display on your vanity counter.

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