What's Your Biggest Beauty Pet Peeve?

I've got a situation. My boyfriend recently introduced me to his sister, and while I really like her, there's something I need to get off my chest. I know this sounds trivial, but her overplucked eyebrows make me want to take a Sharpie to her face. I'm sorry, but as a beauty editor, it's a huge pet peeve of mine. And ever since I noticed them, I can't stop staring. Do I ignore it, or should I say something to her?

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Here's what my fellow editors said to do. Bring it up gently, and tell her it's really easy to fix. Then give her the exact solution for it. This way, I can help her get a better look -- with no hurt feelings.

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What do you think of that tactic? Cruel or helpful? If you're stuck in a similar situation (and have the guts to speak up) check out this list of our biggest beauty-related pet peeves and their best fixes:

Jane's pet peeve: Overplucked brows. We already know I'm thinking it, so I'll just say it out loud. You look like you have tadpoles swimming across your face.

The solution: Hide your tweezers, and make a promise to yourself not to touch your brows for six to eight weeks until they grow back. It might be hard at first, but trust me, it's the best thing you'll ever do. Then, take this quiz to find your best brow shape. After that, you can give yourself [minimal] access to the tweezers again.

Sarah's pet peeve: Clumpy spider lashes. I'm all for wearing mascara, but if your lashes are sticking together -- or they look like tarantula legs -- it's time to skip a coat or two.

The solution: It's easy. Use a defining mascara like Boots Botanics Lash Defining Mascara, $6.99 that separates lashes, and then use a lash comb to comb out any clumps. Or take this quiz to find the best mascara for your lashes to avoid getting clumps in the first place.

Alexis' pet peeve: Acrylic nails. They're fake and uncomfortable, so please don't act like it's the easiest thing in the world to text your boyfriend with them on. You're not fooling anyone.

The solution: First of all, get your fake nails removed. You might be surprised at how thin and damaged your real nails are. Use a nail strengthening product like Sally Hansen Nail Protex Vitamin-Fortified Strengthener, $4.99 to get them back to normal. Then just get regular manicures so your nails look pretty, but not fake. And while we're on the topic of nails, check out these other secrets we got from a celebrity manicurist.

Chelsea's pet peeve: Thick, caked-on makeup. To be honest, I'd rather see you not wear any makeup at all, since at least you'd like natural (aka human). Proof that none is better than too much: these pictures of real women without makeup.

The solution: Wipe it all off. Then, go to the makeup counter and tell them you're looking for a natural makeup look. The pro artist will teach you the best way to apply your makeup (and she'll probably use these face shape tips), so your friends will actually recognize you when they see you.

Now it's your turn. What's your biggest beauty pet peeve, and what would you suggest to fix it? Leave your answer in the comments section, and help each other out!

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