What's the One Beauty Product You Hate Using?

Fridays are usually slow and tortuous, but last week was especially rough. I was counting down the minutes 'till my flight to Las Vegas, where seven of my closest girlfriends and I were meeting for a much-needed girls' trip. I couldn't wait.

But … I had to, because my flight was delayed.

By the time I got to our suite, I had 30 minutes to get ready for our night out. And by that point the bathroom was a minefield of spray tanners, falsies, and steaming hot curling irons. With just minutes left before our dinner reservation, I of course managed to pinch my eyelid in my rush to curl my lashes. My eyes immediately watered, making my just-done liner run.

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"I hate curling my lashes!" I yelled in pain.

My eyelash curler is the one makeup tool I don't have patience for. I almost always get too close to my lashline and pinch myself, or start too far out and get the dreaded L-shaped crimp. My girlfriends sympathized, and shared their tips on how to curl straight lashes like a pro. We then started ranting about all of our least favorite things about makeup, and it was quite cathartic.

Do you also think your eyelash curler is a medieval torturing device, or do you have a daily battle with your liquid eyeliner? Here are a few of our biggest makeup complaints:

Aliza K
.: I LOATHE putting on self-tanner. Without fail, I get streaks everywhere, and it always looks so weird -- what am I doing wrong?!

Kerry L.: Liquid foundation always looks fake on me and I can't seem to get lip stain down either.

Mylissa L.: Liquid foundation; always have hated it

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Patricia S.: Ugh ... Eyelash curlers are the devil! Every time I use mine, I always have to blink and it feels like the curler is about to rip my eyelashes out.

Brandy Q.: The eyelash curler and I do not get along. It pinches me so I throw it across the room.

Nicole S.: I cannot figure out false lashes. I couldn't get them on if my life depended on it.

So what's the one beauty product you hate using? Tell me! You'll feel better, I promise.

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