What's Up with Princess E's Nail Art?

Whether you love or hate all of the London pomp and circumstance these days -- the endless William and Kate coverage, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee bonanza -- some bit of you has to think it's sweet and oddly comforting, right?

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I mean, even if you're a staunch feminist, every woman has, at some point or another, entertained at least a fleeting daydream about being a Queen or, better yet, a princess. Not the pathetic Disney kind; a real, honest-to-Henry princess with a capital P and everything that comes with it.

Just think about all the cool stuff you'd get to do. The places you'd go, the people you'd meet, the clothes you'd have hanging in your west wing of a closet. And the primping! Having maidens and minions catering to your every wish -- blowing you out, kneading you down, making you up.

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You just have to look at Princess Eugenie of York (she of goofy hat fame) to know it's true. She's the daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie and gets to do all that glamorous, fun, princess-y stuff that the rest of us yokels can't even begin to fathom.

Yet, here's where my "living life as a princess" fantasy screeches to an audible, glass-shattering halt. Take a look at the nail art her royal highness was wearing throughout the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Do they not have competent nail peeps over there? Could she not have flown an A-list nail artist over "the pond" to tend to her manicure? Aren't there decals that could've gotten the job done in a pinch?

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It's sweet and patriotic that she's wearing the Union Jack, of course. I just wish it looked less like a 5-year-old did it for her.

Do you agree? Or am I being petty?

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