Whitney Port Talks Topknots, Bras, and NYE Outfit Ideas

The former The City star must have a few tricks up her sleeve. Whether she's strolling through the airport or posing on the red carpet, she always appears effortlessly chic. Always. So we picked her brain at a shopping event, sponsored by Crest 3D White, on ways to stay slim during the holidays, how she creates the perfect bun, and what she plans to wear to seasonal soirees.
Whitney Port
Real Beauty: Did you always whiten your teeth?

Whitney Port:
Once I got a bit older, my teeth yellowed, and I started appearing on television. So I realized it was something I should do. I never thought about doing it professionally, because it can look too fake.

RB: Why do you like Crest 3D White 2-Hour Express Whitestrips?

WP: The product is a two-hour express whitener. You put it on, it doesn't move around, and you can do what you need to do. When you take it off, your teeth are amazingly white. My dad even notices it, so that's how I know it works.

RB: What is your go-to holiday gift to give?

At my age, it's nice to bring a bottle or wine, a candle, or something from my travels. I like to do a lot of antiquing. I just got this Chandon sparkling red wine in Napa, California. It's like a Manischewitz. And I love Diptyques candles.

RB: What are you hoping someone will slip into your stocking this holiday season?

WP: Oh my gosh…if I even get a stocking! I want little things like some new lingerie and pretty socks. I'm into wearing socks with booties. I love Only Hearts, Bellabumbum, and Calvin Klein lacy bras. I'm a 34C, and I notice that when I wear cupped bras it makes [my chest] look bigger. So I'm into comfortable training-bra styles.

RB: What is your ultimate New Year's Eve hair, makeup, and outfit?

Probably a patterned dress with texture and lots of color. My hair would be up in a bun or off of my face. Perhaps, I'd wear a bright-colored lip and a light eye. That look is effortless, and I don't have to work so hard for it. It also depends on where I'm going, like this New Year's I may be in a cabin somewhere. My cabin style is sweats, a sweatshirt, socks, and a blanket.

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RB: You rock so many different hairstyles (straight, curly, wavy, up, down, etc). What's your trick?

WP: When I'm going to an event, I use a stylist. I could never do this [points to her curly hair]. I just recently taught myself how to get wavy hair by watching what the stylists do. I point the curling iron down, and wrap my hair around it. Then I use L'Oréal Elnett hairspray. When I don't have events, I let it dry naturally, which is straight and stringy.

RB: How do you create the perfect topknot?

Pull your hair up into a ponytail, and tie it with an elastic. Then, split the ponytail into two sections, and wrap them around the base so that they cross over each other. Pin the loose hair in place.

RB: What beauty products do you not leave home without?

WP: Some sort of ChapStick, like this one I got in Australia called Lucas Papaw Ointment. You can buy it online, too. Right now I am carrying Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment. I love Fresh products, because they are light, smell good, and natural. I use a Tarte bronzer, Anastasia brow gel, and some blush.

RB: Speaking of blush…How do you keep yourself from looking like a vampire in the winter?

I use different blushes. Currently, I have been using a Givenchy blush that has four different colors-a brown, pink, cream, and orange-that I blend together. Nars Orgasm is also one that every girl can use. It's amazing.

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RB: What's next for your brand, Whitney Eve?

We just re-launched the website, whitneyeve.com, so it has a cool new look, and you can shop worldwide. I'm making a sub line that is more affordable called WE by Whitney Eve. It debuts in spring 2012.

RB: What's your best tip for de-bloated during the holidays?

WP: Stay away from sodas, and don't chew too much gum. The sodium in soda makes you bloated, and the more gum you chew, the more air you're bring into your system. And sleep! It allows your body to heal itself and renew everything.

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RB: What does real beauty mean to you?

WP: It means less is more, to be as natural as possible, and to embrace what god has given you.

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