Why Celebrities Really Wear Sun Glasses: Vanity, Duh

For most of us, sunglass etiquette dictates that you remove them when indoors, you don't wear them at night, and you definitely don't have a meaningful conversation with anyone while they're on. Yet, when it comes to sunglasses -- as with so many other things -- celebrities live by their own set of rules. In this case: Wear them at all times.

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Now, there are plenty of excuses the A-list use in defending this dark lenses policy. They are shielding their eyes from the paparazzi's blinding camera flashes. Or as P. Diddy told Rolling Stone a few years back, he wears them to protect his soul so the world can't see his vulnerability. Riiight.

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Look, we all know the real reason celebrities opt for oversized sunglasses -- it's the oldest trick in the "How to Cover Dark Circles" handbook. So when Victoria Beckham took off her shades during a recent shopping trip (at night) and revealed under-eye bags -- no one was really all that surprised.

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Don't get us wrong, it's a smart move -- especially if you're a lazy girl, like I am. No mascara or concealer? No problem! Why get all dolled every time you have to step out of the house when you can just slide on some shades instead?

How do you cover dark circles? Do you use the sunglasses "trick" or do you have a better method?

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