A Year Without Mirrors -- Could You Do It?

I'll admit it: I am (overly?) dependent on mirrors. Perhaps not as bad as the queen from Snow White, but between my morning beauty routine and daily touch-ups, I would feel pretty uneasy without a mirror to verify that I look presentable to society. When there's not a mirror around, I'll find a way. I've checked my reflection in everything from store windows to my iPhone. But Kjersten Gruys, a UCLA Ph.D. student gave up mirrors for the ultimate vanity experiment. How long did she avoid her reflection? An entire year. Yikes!

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Before you say, "Yeah, sure, I could do that." Think what a year without mirrors would really mean. Got a first date? That means no eyeliner or red lipstick … nothing too tricky. And definitely no double-checking in your rearview mirror when you pull up to the restaurant. Feel a giant glob of spinach in your teeth during dinner? No excusing yourself to check in the bathroom. Instead you'd have to do the unthinkable and just ask the guy.

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Still on board with the no mirrors thing? The woman who entered into this experiment did it during her six-month wedding planning period. Now, that is some major dedication. Luckily, there was a pay-off. "Now I remind myself that at a certain point, good enough is good enough, and my time, energy and money can go towards other things I care about," says Gruys.

So what do you think? Could you do without mirrors for an entire year? Could you even do this for one week? Discuss below.

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