Women Are Growing Out Their Armpit Hair for Charity (Yes, This is a Thing)

by Beth Shapouri

You know the Movember movement in which men agree not to shave for the month to raise money for charity? Apparently there's a female equivalent called Armpits4August now that requires women not to shave their armpits all month, all in the name of raising awareness (and money by having people sponsor your lack of shaving) for polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Courtesy of Comstock/Getty ImagesCourtesy of Comstock/Getty Images

The idea is to show solidarity to those effected by the condition-one of the possible symptoms of PCOS, which effects about 10 percent of women, is excessive hair growth, you see. So it may sound a little outlandish, but it actually makes some sort of sense.

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Seems like it's mostly an overseas thing for now, but it's catching on, so prepare to see a lot of hairy pits come next August. You can read about the program at armpits4august.org.

Any of you considering joining in next year?

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