Wow Him with This Sexy Valentine's Day Hairstyle

By Devin Toth, 1959: Portrait of French actor Brigitte Bardot smiling and leaning against a door frame with one hand raised behind …

Valentine's Day hair should be both romantic and sexy. It's should be really done up and special, but not intimidating or perfect. It's what I call approachable Hollywood glam! Here are some ideas to achieve the look.

1) Apply moose and blow it out with a round brush to give your hair some fullness-some oomph. Once it's blown out prep it with beautiful hold hairspray. This will help the hair hold the curl we're about to create.

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2) After it's prepped, take a small curling iron and wrap small horizontal sections around it (TIP--you can leave the ends out of the iron to make it more modern).

3) Once you're done curling, spray a flat brush with more hairspray and brush those curls out. This will combine the curls, creating a beautiful S-wave. After that, repeat spraying and brushing spraying and brushing; that's the key to this style.

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4) Next, simultaneously pinch and rub your hair with one hand, and spray that hair with more hairspray with your other hand. This will roughen your hair up in just the right way.

The idea is to look like you're coming from an adventure and that this sexy coifed hair isn't a big deal for you-it's just natural. You don't want to look like you walked straight out of the salon and into the date! Rather, you're walking straight off the red carpet, you just left the after party, and now you're meeting up with your special someone.

Devin Toth is Lead Stylist at the Ted Gibson Salon in New York City.

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