New York Bans Underage Body Piercing -- Good Idea or Too Overprotective?

Remember when New York was like the Wild West -- a place where anything could happen? There were raucous, cocaine-fueled nights at Studio 54, peep shows in Times Square, and men who'd squeegee your windshield clean when you were stopped at a red light.

The city was alive and raw and ready to rumble.

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Now, it seems the city that never sleeps may have settled into a more mellow stage of life thanks to several new laws that have passed in recent times.

You'll recall that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has done a lot to both re-gentrify and Pollyanna-ize NYC since taking office in 2001. Most infamously, he forbid smoking in any public place. Then, he banned trans-fats in restaurants and required them to post caloric counts for every menu item.

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Now, Bloomberg's big boss up in Albany, Governor Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill into law designed to protect teens from the health risks associated with body piercings.

This legislation will require that body piercing studios check the identification of teens, and that underage teens have a parent or legal guardian sign a consent form in the presence of the owner or body piercing specialist at a body piercing studio.

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Senator Joseph E. Robach, co-sponsor of this bill, said, "This law will help educate both parents and children of the potential risks of piercings and help them make informed decisions together."

What do you think? Is it right for the government to have this kind of say over kids getting body piercings -- or is it one more example of New York law going too far?

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