How Young is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

Lindsay Lohan

We're used to seeing celebs with boob jobs and nose jobs, but lately, we're seeing stars like Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, and Jessica Biel looking pillow-faced and almost bursting with fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, not to mention sporting the lineless Botoxed foreheads of twenty-five-year-olds.

Except that these stars aren't old ladies trying to recapture their former beauty with Botox-they really are twenty-five! Yet they've been plumped and injected just as much as the Real Housewives. While plastic surgery used to be the domain of middle-aged people to shave a few years off their faces, younger women in their teens and twenties are now flocking to cosmetic procedures, especially non-invasive ones like peels and injectables. Some surgeons even recommend Botox and other treatments to clients in their mid-twenties as a preventative measure to avoid future wrinkles. We're all for a healthy dose of prevention, but Botox at 25? Really? Is that prevention or premature anxiety about aging?

We're not saying these procedures shouldn't be available to adult women of all ages-after all, we believe in every woman's right to choose what's done to her body. But we're curious: At what age, if ever, would you start considering plastic surgery?

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