10 Great appetizers in one minute (or less!)

Gnarly sweat spots and chewed-up fingernails are just two of the side effects one can suffer when throwing a cocktail party. How to mitigate all the anxiety? Try serving any (or all) of these 10 party snacks at your next soiree. They'll take you less than a minute to prepare and will leave your guests wondering how they can be more like you.

I usually go for the pitted kalamatas.
I love anything almond.
Cheese and crackers
For cheese variation, it's best to offer one hard, one soft, one blue and one bloomy rind and I always pair with Carr's table water crackers.
Chips and salsa
I go for the chili lime guiltless gourmet and cannot say enough good things about the salsa from la fogata.
Serve with sea salt and soy sauce.
Sashimi plate
Buy already cut, then add a sliced jalapeño to each piece and drizzle soy sauce.
Works best with yellowtail, salmon and tuna.
Sliced apples with cinnamon
Olive tapenade and sliced bread
Cheese sticks
I'm partial to Macy's famous cheese sticks.
My calling card: little shot glasses of White Russians (Kahlua and milk) accompanied by Oreos.

Got a 1-minute appetizer idea? Share!

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