10 perfect Oscars party dishes

Inspired by this year's nominees for Best Picture, here are our picks for blockbuster party hits.

True Grit: Marmalade Sour
In the Coen Brothers' remake of a classic Western, a teenage girl seeks the help of a tough (yet frequently drunk) U.S. Marshal to avenge her father's murder.

Raise a glass to Jeff Bridges' portrayal of the tippling marshal with our sweeter (yet not too sweet) remake of the classic whiskey sour.

Yield: Makes 6 cocktails

• 6 tablespoons orange marmalade
• 1 cup plus 2 tbsp. bourbon or rye whiskey
• 3 tablespoons lemon juice
• Ice

In a pitcher or 2-pint measuring cup, dissolve orange marmalade in 3/4 cup hot water. Stir in bourbon and lemon juice. Fill six 8- to 12-oz. glasses with ice and pour 1/3 to 1/2 cup cocktail mixture into each glass, making sure each serving gets some of the orange peel that settles at the bottom of the mixture. Serve marmalade sours immediately.

The Social Network: Quick Cheese Fondue
In Hollywood's spin on the rise of Facebook, the irony is rich: the creator of the biggest social site on the web alienates his only friends along the way to success.

This crowd-pleasing, easy-to-make appetizer is a surefire way to win over your friends. Status update: 10-minute fondue-practically a miracle!
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The King's Speech: Beer-battered Cod and Onion Rings

The film chronicles King George VI of Britain's ascension to the throne and his struggle to overcome a stammer with the help of his unconventional speech therapist and his devoted wife.

Curtsy to British royalty with our Western spin on fish 'n' chips. Don't forget to serve with malt vinegar and tartar sauce!
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Black Swan: Salted Chocolate Tart

In the backstage thriller, a ballerina obsessively prepares for the role of a lifetime as her dark side overtakes her delicate nature.

This luscious dessert evokes the sensuality and strength the Natalie Portman-portrayed dancer aspires to-and with its rich dark chocolate and sprinkling of Maldon sea salt crystals, it also echoes the film's light-and-dark theme.
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