10 Quick Ways to Dress Up Canned Soup

Easy tricks make a delicious meal out of boring canned soups.January is National Soup Month! To me, that means steaming bowls of nourishing, comforting broths and bisques on freezing cold days. A few of my favorites: "clean-out-the-fridge" vegetable, Japanese-style ramen, and - for those especially sniffly times - chicken noodle.

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Often, though, I'm a little too busy working or running errands or simply dealing with life to even think of making anything from scratch-a premade bowl can do the trick. I sometimes buy from one of the many soup chains around here, but even if you're just opening a can or a carton, you don't need to be stuck with a plain-Jane soup. Try these fun (healthy) additions:

  • Diced fresh avocado or cucumber
  • Greens - prewashed baby spinach or baby kales - no chopping necessary! Just stir into the hot soup until wilted and tender
  • Cubes of lowfat tofu
  • Frozen (thawed) edamame, peas, corn - stir into hot soup until warmed through
  • Cooked brown rice (frozen, thawed, rice is a great timesaver)
  • A lightly beaten egg, swirled into very hot soup until cooked through
  • Whole-wheat croutons toasted with a little olive oil
  • Crushed baked corn tortilla chips
  • Toasted nuts and seeds: pumpkin seeds, chopped walnuts, sliced almonds, pine nuts, etc.
  • Nonfat or lowfat plain yogurt or sour cream

Have a little more time on your hands? Try my latest fave, this totally addictive pumpkin soup from the magazine.

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--by Catherine Lo

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