15 Best Instagram Accounts for Food Lovers

by Danielle Walsh, Bon Appétit

First off, we just found out that Jean-Georges Vongerichten has an Instagram account. Now if that isn't proof that this social network has blown up, we don't know what is. Forget being acquired for $1 Billion by Facebook: @chefjgv is putting up photos of Eric Ripert and Martha Stewart toasting each other.

Instagram makes a food photographer out of everyone, from your friend who only eats fast food to technologically-savvy chefs. There's a lot of noise to sift through to find the good stuff. But rest assured, there are certain chefs, writers, photographers, and others who go above and beyond with the quality of their shots. After creating our own account yesterday (check it out!), we scoured the insta-verse and found 15 of the best, most drool-worthy foodiegram feeds you need to follow. So bust out those smart phones and start gawking.

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@alice_gao1) @alice_gao
We just want to jump right into this professional photographer's lovely, well-lit life


2) @alifewortheating
On insta, this culinary explorer goes beyond his blog with gorgeous pics from around the world.


3) @aprilbloomfield
The Breslin and Spotted Pig chef manages to make even chicken feet look beautiful.

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4) @chiestylee
BA Art Director, Elizabeth Spiridakis, alerted us to the dreamy, ethereal photos of this Japanese Instagrammer


5) @citygrit
Sarah Simmons, owner of culinary salon City Grit in New York City, is an early adoption 'grammer and clearly has command of the depth-of-field affect.


6) @foodrepublic
Sometimes food porn-y and sometimes not, Food Republic's instagram feed is always full of edible adventures.


7) @foodzie
This monthly tasting club always chooses the perfect filter for each photo. We're seriously dying over that pie


8) @jamieoliver
The darling of the slow-food movement, Jamie Oliver, is also darling to look at


9) @kimberleyh
One of the photographers who contributes to this website, Kimberley Hasselbrink brings her A-game to Instagram, too


10) @marte_marie_forsberg
This food stylist/photographer's stunning photos have a soft, rustic feel


11) @matthewjennings
Providence, Rhode Island chef and cheesemaker Matt Jennings shares sharp-as-a-tack photos of his dishes.

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12) @nicolefranzen
Another one of our talented web photographers, Nicole Franzen has eye for great shots from New York City's restaurants and bars


13) @piarieu
This Instagrammer is always cooking amazing French meals, perfectly plated in stunning dishware


14) @stumptowncoffee
The Portland coffee roaster documents cuppings, impressive latte art, and hipsters sippin joe


15) @tcolic
Chef and TV personality Tom Colicchio is new to the game, but catching on quickly with pretty plated food, shots from appearances, and one photo we particularly like of him cuddling a goat

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