21 Weird Food Combinations and Obsessions

By Meaghan Cameron

Our friends on Facebook shared their weirdest eating habits. Read some of these wacky combinations.

Banana Combos
1. "Banana and mayo sandwich." -- David L. Chautin

2. "I eat bananas topped with ketchup." -- Ma Bernice Carmela Liquigan

3. "Pineapple, banana, and cucumber pieces." -- Hina Seemeen

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Odd Pizza Topping
4. "Pizza with Nutella." -- Đana Tičinović

Burger Topping
5. "I put jelly on my cheeseburgers."-- Misti Lott

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Sandwich Order
6. "I eat a sandwich starting from the corners/edges towards the middle part; I make sure that my last bite will be the part with the most/thickest sandwich filling/spread."

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Fun With French Fries
7. "Dipping French fries in chocolate sundae from McDs. Yummy!" -- Claudia Vilela

8. "Salt-n-pepper french fries dipped in chocolate ice cream." -- Krisnina Syahputri

9. "French fries and vanilla sundae!" -- Angeline Malbas

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Peanut Butter Solutions
10. "Peanut butter and tomato sandwiches." -- Amy Pence

11. "Peanut butter with maple syrup is AWESOME!" -- Rachel Goan

12. "Peanut butter and bacon on toast." -- Gina Martinez Bergren

13. "Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches are great!" -- Kelly Wolbert

14. "My son eats peanut butter and bologna." -- Regina Jordan

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Savory and Sweet
15. "I like meat sauce on french toast." --Lina Rindfleisch

Potato Chip Cravings
16. "Potato chip sandwiches with gobs of cream cheese with chives slathered on." -- Barbara Unger Naness

17. "Potato chips dipped in slightly melted vanilla ice cream in cafeteria when I was in elementary school." -- Gloria Choate

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Sour Tastes
18. "I drink the left over juice from the pickle and olive jars." -- Julie Aites

Cereal Alternative
19. "Fresh popped popcorn with milk (like a cereal)" -- Amy Hoover Markovich

20. "I worked with an engineer from Switzerland whose favorite sandwich was bacon & grape jelly on toast." -- Joanne Whitelaw

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Cold and Crunchy
21. "I like to eat ice cubes and the frost or ice that gathers in the fridge!" -- Judith Amuah

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