3 Non-Alcoholic "Mocktails" to Celebrate St. Patty's Day

If ever there was a holiday that called for boozing, it would be St. Patrick's Day. In the pregnant state, however, green beer loses its luster, as does toasting in the name of Ireland. Thankfully, there are a bunch of non-alcoholic or mocktail drink recipes that will have your non-pregnant partner or friends green with envy. The best part? The kids can join in the fun.

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Here are our three favorite mocktail suggestions for a great non-alcoholic St. Patrick's Day 2011:

1. Basil Lemonade - Epicurious has a simple, delightful recipe for the drink that uses a basil lemon syrup, which can also be the base of a gimlet. I'm a huge fan of herbs in my drinks, and lemon and basil naturally compliment each other with or without vodka.

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2. Green Tea Mojito - The Kitchn has adapted an awesome recipe from Paul Abercrombie's book Organic, Shaken and Stirred. A clever mix of green tea, lime juice, mint leaves and sugar make for a refreshing spin on the mojito. Just make sure you skip the white rum.

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3. Green Non-Alcoholic Beer - Ok, you might be able to stomach a little non-alky green beer, but you should probably leave the kiddos out of this one. Pick up a sixer of O'Doul's Amber and bring out your green food coloring. Yes, a lighter beer would LOOK better with green food coloring, but trust me this one tastes better. Color to your ideal shade of emerald.

See more of our favorite St. Patty's Day mocktail recipes.


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