Has 'Eat Balanced' Achieved the Impossible? "Nutritionally Balanced" Pizza

Eat Balanced PizzaWho says pizza has to be bad for you? Donnie McLean, the founder of Eat Balanced, doesn't believe this. Like the rest of us, McLean loved pizza but always regretted eating it after because of all the extra salt and calories he knew he was getting from his favorite Italian treat. Combining his love of pizza with his health-conscious attitude, he set out to do the seemingly impossible: create a healthy pizza.

'Nutritionally Balanced' Pizzas, Eat to Your Heart's Content

Finally, McLean and Mike Lean, professor of human nutrition at the University of Glasgow, may have achieved that goal. Eat Balanced frozen pizzas, claim to offer a complete balanced meal in a single pizza. The pizzas have won the 2012 "Best New Idea" award at the 2012 UK Food and Drink Expo To make a more-nutritious, McLean and Lean realized that they would have to cut the fat, salt content, and calories. Typical personal-sized pizzas could contain an entire day's worth of salt requirements, two thirds of daily fat requirements, a whole day's limit of saturated fat, and more than 1,000 calories, while offering little nutritional benefits.

A Tasty, Healthy Frozen Pizza from Glasgow?

Eat Balanced's pizza cut calories down and provides 30 percent of an individual's daily nutritional requirements, as the UK recommends lunch should, without topping the recommended limits on salt and saturated fats. Salt content, for example, was cut in half by using seaweed as a substitute. While seaweed still gives people the same salty taste, it has only 10 percent of the actual salt content and additionally has more vitamins and minerals than salt would offer.

Currently Eat Balanced has three types of pizza: cheese and cherry tomato, pineapple and ham, and spicy chicken with red peppers and jalapenos. Unfortunately, this Eat Balanced is only available in the United Kingdom so Americans will still have to wait to get their hands on healthy pizza.

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