4 Superfood Fruits You Haven't Tried--but Should

Apple, banana, pear, yawn. These exotic alternatives are packed with vitamins and fabulous new flavor.

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Peel off the spiky red covering of this iron-rich Southeast Asian treat to reveal a translucent white orb with a taste that marries grape and watermelon.

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This vitamin-C-packed fruit from South America looks and feels like a lime, but cut it open to reveal juicy flesh that's reminiscent of a tangy pineapple.

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Pepino Melon

Also native to South America, this aromatic fruit is single-serving in size, entirely edible and a crisp flavor blend of honeydew and cucumber. It's also an excellent source of fiber.

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Dragon Fruit

This is the pop star of fruit-hot pink on the outside, bubblegum sweet on the inside. Scoop out the antioxidant-rich, seed-specked flesh and eat it like a kiwi.

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