5 Best Pizza Toppings You Haven't Thought Of

J. Kenji Lopez-AltJ. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Over at Slice, the Top This column features some off-beat but delicious pizza topping combinations to try out on your next pie. Here's a few choice selections:

Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta: A favorite at New York hotspot Motorino, this pizza combines salty pancetta with slightly charred, roasted brussels sprouts for a funky and surprising bite.

Potato and Roasted Garlic: Using buttery yellow potatoes makes this unusual pizza topping make perfect sense, when combined with fresh mozzarella and sweet roasted garlic.

Olive Salad: Inspired by a Muffuletta sandwich, this pizza is topped with a combination of olives, capers, and pickled vegetables. Unusual, but not overpowering to a delicious cheese and hearty crust.

Braised Fennel and Bacon: Fennel's faint anise flavor is sweetened when the frond is braised, and when paired with salty rendered bacon this combination is delicious atop a pizza pie.

Shaved Asparagus and Parmesan: Asparagus is delicious when roasted and served with grated cheese, and the same concept applies to this delicate, flavorful pizza topping combo.