5 Deliciously Sweet Fast-Food Chain Holiday Drinks

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Pumpkin Spiced Latte Nothing is better than starting an autumn day with a nice Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks - it's one of our favorite ways to enjoy the beautifully crisp fall season. And chains all over America seem to be catching onto the trend by creating their own holiday and seasonal favorites. This time of year we are blown away by some of the innovative concoctions fast-food restaurants come up with. Depending on whether you're an avid pumpkin spice syrup lover or if you like to keep it natural with an authentic caramel apple, these drinks may inspire you or totally gross you out.

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We definitely think some drinks are winners - how else can you get a hot mulled apple cider without heading to the local apple orchard? Dunkin' Donuts has pulled it off with style. Not to mention the idea of a red apple sangria from Applebee's, a drink we recently created in our own test kitchen not so long ago. But we just can't seem to get on board with Red Robin's idea of a beer-flavored milkshake with caramel drizzle. Or the creation of an Italian ice that is flavored like pumpkin cheesecake - we're scared to ask how that one is even made.

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There's no stopping these chains from expanding on their holiday drink recipe repertoire. We think they may need to put the brakes on when we're starting to get wind of items like pumpkin white chocolate mochas - but then again, you never know what might put you in the holiday spirit!

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Culver's Pumpkin Spice Shake

Culver's has a pumpkin spiced shake that offers some of the typical holiday flavors we see around this time of year. If you're not a caramel person, this shake is the one to get your hands on.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte

This one is a no-brainer since many of us probably have a countdown on our phones leading up to the yearly release of this delicious Starbucks beverage. This one might be the real winner on our holiday drink list.

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Dunkin' Donuts Apple Cider

It might not be the first thing you think to order when you walk into a Dunkin' Donuts, but we've found that the drink isn't as bad as you might think, and it beats the alternative of driving out to the boonies to taste the real thing. Then again, nothing screams holidays and seasonal bliss like a little pumpkin patch and apple-picking action.

McDonald's Pralines and Cream McFlurry

This McFlurry is interesting for the season because of its use of caramel and praline. The dessert sounds delicious, but we're wondering where all the pumpkin has gone… then again, McDonald's did come out with their own version of a pumpkin spiced latte.

Red Robin O'Fest Beer Shake

Red Robin had an interesting idea to ring in Oktoberfest and infuse its flavors into a milkshake. The drink has Sam Adams Oktoberfest, vanilla soft-serve, and caramel. The idea is like a creative take on a root beer float - but with real beer!

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-Juliet Tierney, The Daily Meal