5 Fall Foods and What to Cook with Them

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efore Fall's gone entirely, don't forget to enjoy the best of the moment's fruit and vegetable bounty. Here are five affordable, versatile favorites to seize before the season's over and some of our recommended ways to cook with them.

  • The Fall Food: Pomegranates: This Autumn fruit doesn't just look like it's precious - it is! Use the antioxidant-rich arils to add crunch to a salad or a garnet color to any glaze.
  • What to Make: Pomegranate Guacamole: Pomegranate seeds serve as both textural contrast and finishing garnish on a tropical-themed guacamole.
  • The Fall Food: Brussels Sprouts: Rich, sweet, and tender, brussels sprouts are at their prime now through February.
  • What to Make: Brussels Sprouts and Kale Salad: Brussels sprouts are surprisingly satisfying when served raw; here, they're shredded, combined with kale, and tossed with maple vinaigrette in a Fall salad.

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  • The Fall Food: Cabbage: Green cabbage is a humble, cold-weather vegetable that may not scream out for attention, but give it a second look, and you'll discover it's versatile, budget-friendly, and beneficial to your health beyond belief.
  • What to Make: Ham and Cabbage Reuben: Too well stocked on honey-baked ham this holiday? Consider trying pressing raw green cabbage into a panini with ham and Swiss cheese for an earthy, crunchy take on a Reuben sandwich.
  • The Fall Food: Butternut Squash: With its inviting orange hue, butternut squash is a popular way to welcome the season. This well-priced vegetable isn't as difficult to prep as you might think.
  • What to Make: Butternut Squash Lasagna: Serve up a lasagna sans the meat that's equally satisfying, with airy, fluffy billows of butternut squash.
  • The Fall Food: Kale: Kale has a texture that far surpasses its spinach cousin, and it's chock-full of vitamins and nutrients.
  • What to Make: Kale Chips: Make vegetables the new snack food with a simple baked recipe for spicy miso kale chips.

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