5 Ingredients + 1 Skillet = 6 Quick-Cooking Meals

Mediterranean Chicken Stacks

Eggplant + country-style Italian bread + herbed goat cheese + skinless, boneless chicken breast + beefsteak tomato

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Bread Buddy: Best with a country loaf.
Salt Lick! When you season this dish at the end of the recipe, remember the eggplant and cheese are already salted, so go easy-just a pinch.

Ruby Plum Chicken

Radicchio + skinless, boneless chicken breast + fig balsamic vinegar + honey + ruby-fleshed plums

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Bread Buddy: Best with a baguette.
Cool Trade! Swap in quartered fresh figs or halved strawberries in season.

Latin Steak with Pan-Roasted Corn and Salsa Verde

New York strip steak + corn + salsa verde + Latin American cheese + lime

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Bread Buddy: Best with warm flour tortillas.
Introducing...Queso fresco is a Latin American soft cheese, available at the supermarket, that crumbles well and adds a touch of creamy saltiness.

Italian Flag Halibut

Broccolini + skinless halibut fillet + garlic + tomato + cannellini beans

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Bread Buddy: Best with a semolina loaf.
Wallet Watch! Halibut is a delicate, flavorful choice for this recipe: if you find it pricey, try cod, a budget-friendlier white fish.

Eggs Over Kale Hash

Chicken or veggie broth + sweet potatoes + nutmeg + kale + eggs

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Bread Buddy: Best with whole-grain rolls.
Superfoods! Kale is packed with antioxidants-as are spinach, bok choy and other dark, leafy greens-that help keep vision sharp.

Beef Ravioli and Spinach Soup

Beef broth + beef ravioli + nutmeg + baby spinach + chives

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Bread Buddy: Best with buttery crackers.
Spoon or Fork! This dish can be served with more broth to feed as a soup, or less to be eaten like a pasta.

Recipes by Tracey Seaman except Eggs by Kimberley Wilds and Ravioli by Susi Reynolds | Photography by Misha Gravenor except Eggs by Ngoc Minh Ngo and Ravioli by James Baigrie

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