5 Reasons to Say Yes to a Morning/Brunch Wedding Reception

By Rachel Wilkerson, Lover.ly

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The morning wedding has fallen out of favor in recent years; when most people think weddings, they think dinner and dancing. But while an evening ceremony has tons of great perks (a wild dance floor! yummy cocktails!), that doesn't mean a morning ceremony and breakfast or brunch reception can't be amazing. Here are some reasons to re-consider the early-bird wedding.

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1. You'll save money.
Not only do most venues offer discounts on Sunday mornings, you can also save a lot of money on the food. Even the most generous bride or groom can feel stressed by what it costs to feed loved ones dinner, but you can splurge on breakfast or brunch food and still come out ahead. And you can still serve alcohol (we recommend mimosas and Bloody Marys!), but people are likely to consume less drinks overall. But even though it's less expensive, breakfast food really doesn't feel low-budget, so guests will go home satisfied.
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2. You can create a casual vibe.
A morning wedding can definitely be fancy, but if you want a more casual vibe, an early wedding is the way to go. The groom can wear a suit instead of a tux and your guests can feel comfortable wearing flats. And for brides and grooms who don't love to dance, a morning wedding offers an easy out. You can definitely still have dancing, but people are less likely to miss it if you don't.

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3. The food is awesome.
Not only is breakfast food less expensive, it's also delicious! Seriously, who doesn't love brunch?! You can get creative and offer lots of fun treats, like donut holes and mini Guests will love the novelty factor, and you can easily handle the needs of vegetarians and picky eaters with things like an omelet station, mini pancakes, and a waffle bar.
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4. You can manage alcohol-related drama.
For every bride or groom who wants an open bar, there's one who is stressed about the drama it can create. If you need (or just prefer!) to have a dry wedding, a morning wedding is a great choice. While people will certainly imbibe if the fuzzy navels are there, they also won't be likely to complain if they aren't. And even if the drinks are flowing (besides OJ and coffee, that is), there's something about daylight that makes people less likely to start a drunken brawl.

5. You'll get gorgeous photos.
Natural light is a photographer's best friend. By choosing a morning wedding and reception, you're likely to love your photos. It's not a reason alone to choose a morning wedding, but it's definitely a bonus!

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