5 Recipes for a Traditional Kentucky Derby Feast

5 Recipes for a Traditional Kentucky Derby Feast5 Recipes for a Traditional Kentucky Derby FeastIt's Kentucky Derby time, and there's no better way to watch the race than with a gathering of friends and some traditional derby food. Sure, you could serve up anything southern. But why not go all out and serve hot browns, burgoo, mint juleps, and more? Here are 5 recipes that will make your party authentic and memorable. Your guests will race for seconds!

Mint Julep Mint Julep 1. Mint Julep
This traditional cocktail is a Kentucky Derby party must-have, and the perfect way to start celebrating.


10 mint leaves
1/2 teaspoons sugar
2 1/2 oz Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon, or other bourbon
crushed ice
1 oz, or more, water to taste

Add mint leaves to a glass and muddle or crush with a muddler, mortar, or spoon. Gently bruise leaves to extract mint flavor. Add sugar and bourbon. Stir to combine. Add crushed ice and water to taste. Stir and serve garnished with a mint sprig in your finest glasses or a silver cup, if you have one.

Kentucky Derby Pie Kentucky Derby Pie 2. Kentucky Derby Pie
Imagine a pecan-like pie, except made with walnuts. Add chocolate chips, throw in some bourbon, and enjoy.
Make Kentucky derby pie

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Kentucky Hot Brown Kentucky Hot Brown 3. Kentucky Hot Brown
Derby food has funny names, but most of it is recipes you already like. The hot brown is essentially an open-faced turkey and bacon sandwich with cheese sauce.
Make a Kentucky hot brown

Burgoo Burgoo 4. Burgoo
Burgoo is a hearty and thick meat and vegetable stew that is traditionally served at a Kentucky gathering.
Make burgoo

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Benedictine Cheese Tea Sandwiches Benedictine Cheese Tea Sandwiches 5. Benedictine Cheese Tea Sandwiches
This may sound fancy, but it's not. Benedictine cheese is cream cheese with scallions and cucumber. The greens add some panache.
Make Benedictine cheese tea sandwiches

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