5 Ways to Make Green Eggs and Ham: The Ultimate St. Patty's Day Breakfast

A few years ago, a friend mentioned her St. Patrick's morning tradition ... a green eggs and ham breakfast. Which I happened to think was the cutest idea ever. But, how to make the classic, Seuss-inspired meal without turning it into a gloppy hunk of food-coloring tinted scrambled eggs, which would make my kids run for the hills before even tasting the dish? Here are 5 classy ways to serve up green eggs and ham. All the fun ... all the flavor ... none of the mess.

Green Eggs and Ham and ToastGreen Eggs and Ham and Toast
1. Green Eggs and Ham and Toast
A fried egg turns green in this easy take on the Dr. Seuss classic!

-vinegar (optional)
-sliced bread
-sliced ham
-green food coloring

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-To tint my eggs green, all I did was add several drops of green food coloring to the water I poached them in. I used a small skillet, so not too much water, and enough coloring to make the water slightly darker than I wanted the eggs to be. I served them with thickly sliced roast ham - more inexpensive than buying an entire roast ham, you can generally find slabs in the meat section or deli.

-To poach one or more eggs, bring an inch or two of water to a gentle boil in a skillet big enough to accommodate the number of eggs you're cooking. (It's best to do no more than 3 at a time - too many eggs will crowd the pan and cool down the water.) Add a good sprinkling of salt and if you like, a teaspoon of vinegar, which isn't necessary (I don't do it) but will lower the PH of the water and prevent the whites from becoming ragged. Reduce the heat to a simmer - the point at which the water barely bubbles - a rough, rolling boil will make your eggs go all over the place when you crack them in.

-Gently break your eggs into the water and as they start to set, spoon the water over the tops of the yolks to help them cook. If they stick to the bottom of the pan, loosen them with a thin spatula. Poach your eggs for 3-4 minutes, until the whites are firm and the yolks have filmed over. Remove them from the water with a slotted spoon and transfer them to buttered toast or onto a paper towel to drain.

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Green Omelet and HamGreen Omelet and Ham2. Green Omelet and Ham

A green omelet wraps itself around ham in this simple, clever breakfast recipe.
Make green omelets and ham

Baked Green Eggs and Ham Baked Green Eggs and Ham 3. Baked Green Eggs and Ham

We love this bite-sized take on baked green eggs and ham - a great breakfast to kick off your St. Patty's Day festivities with!
Make baked green eggs and ham

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Italian Green Eggs and Ham Italian Green Eggs and Ham 4. Italian Green Eggs and Ham

Italian green eggs and ham are an elegant way to serve up this cartoon-inspired dish!
Make Italian green eggs and ham

Green Eggs and Ham SushiGreen Eggs and Ham Sushi5. Green Eggs and Ham Sushi

Green eggs and ham sushi is a clever recipe that nods to Dr. Suess, St. Patrick, and even the Japanese!
Make green eggs and ham sushi

- By Brooke McLay
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