5 Ways to Pair Beer with Food

Ways to Pair Beer with FoodWays to Pair Beer with FoodBeer and food go hand in hand. Beer is known to make meal times more pleasurable, especially if you are celebrating a happy occasion. Explosions of breweries have taken place throughout the country and as a result, tasteful beer is produced. There have been many changes made in the production process of beer which has certainly given birth to several other pleasurable forms of the drink. Beer has been paired with food from all around the world. Today, many well-known chefs have started pairing beer with food in a way that is usually used to couple with wine.

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Beer can be equally enjoyed with food as is wine. At meal times, when you don't feel like having wine to go with you food, go for the best beer to make the perfect meal instead. There isn't dearth of quality beer and food pairing recipes over the internet. So, obviously, when you cannot think of any, go on to the internet and benefit from treasure trove of the best ones.

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Here's what you can use with specific food:

1. Pale Ales

This can be paired with light appetizers, fish, salads and seafood.

2. Amber Ales

Amber is very popular among people. It is considered middle-of-the-road beer that usually can be used with any food you like. For example, you can use it with grilled cheese, burgers, soups, roast chicken and stews.

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3. India Pale Ales (IPAs)

These are also called IPAs. These are best paired with food that is rich in fat content and is flavorsome as well. This may include fried chicken, pizza, seafood dishes, and some lighter salads. Moreover, if you are really fond of heat, you can try an India Pale Ales with spicy food because doing so will tune up the flavors really well.

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4. Porters and Stouts

These go best with braised cuisines, stews, and barbeques. Basically you can use it with all types of cuisines prepared using meat. Porters and Stouts are also known to create juicy tastes with rich desserts, espressos and chocolate flavors.

5. Wheat Beers and Hefeweizens

These are best used with dinner salads, fruit dishes, grain salads, and desserts prepared using warm spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

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The foremost thing to know is that there are no hard and fast rules as there are with wines. This article focuses only on giving a fair view of how you can create different beer and food pairings. It would also help you to know different combinations without thinking much.

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