5 Wild and Crazy Potato Chip Flavors

icantotallymakethat.blogspot.com/Sharon Gohicantotallymakethat.blogspot.com/Sharon GohWhen it comes to sheer diversity of chip flavors, you have to hand it to the folks at Pringles - Curry, Mexican, Crispy Cheese, Ketchup, Wisconsin White Cheddar, Chili Cheese - they go all out! But as anyone who has strolled a grocery aisle overseas knows, the international market for chips is the flavor Wild West - things get crazy. It's as if whoever created that first nutty flavor, whatever it was, got snakebit by all the Pringles jingles all at once. First they got the flavor, then they got the fever, then they unleashed a flavor bonanza.

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As noted in our first installment of Crazy Potato Chip Flavors, there's no limit to the accents and seasonings that you can reach into a crisp bag and cover your fingers with. Many are actually pretty good. There are the classics, of course - salt and vinegar flavoring, sour cream and onion, barbecue. But then others start to get dubious, go over to the flavor dark side, outside the realm of sense. Salsa flavor makes sense, sure. Hot and spicy? Check. Jalapeño? OK. Paprika? OK, we're with you. Bacon, smoky bacon (yum, but uh-oh), jamón, ketchup, Bolognese sauce? Prawn Cocktail? Wait, huh? Potato chips that taste like shrimp and cocktail sauce? Why?

Many varieties fall off the cliff of flavor sensibility quickly, and it's not one company that has the fever. Take for instance, Lay's Natural and Cool Kiwi-Flavor Chips. Kiwi? Doritos Late Night: Tacos at Midnight? What does that even mean? Is that the taco flavor you crave at midnight? Or late-night made taco flavor? Then there are Jiminy Chips' Chocolate Marshmallow Potato Chips. Marshmallow-flavored chips? Two texturally disparate elements married in one chip. This is the culinary avant-garde.

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Yes, some chips have gotten carried away. Then again, to some, apparently, there are few things in life as important (Fredric Baur, who invented the Pringles can so Procter and Gamble could ship them without using a bag, was said to have been so proud of the achievement that he told his kids he wanted to be buried in the iconic can).

So who ranks highest amongst some of the most ridiculous flavors? Whether current selections named after nonexistent flavor profiles, limited-edition crisps, or things you'll find overseas, here's an addendum to our original Crazy Potato Chip Flavors story, an updated guide to some of the craziest flavors around. Careful, once you pop...

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Doritos Crab Cream Gratin Pizza

Doritos Crab Cream Gratin Pizza, also not technically a potato chip, but definitely an assembly of several unholy flavors. But who knows, it probably tastes amazing.

Pringles' Seaweed Potato Chips

Pringles' Seaweed Potato Chips. Yes, seaweed snacks are eaten all across Asia - little kids on playgrounds in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo open up little plastic packets of seaweed strips during recess for tasty snacks. And seaweed's pretty much just salty flavor, so they're probably pretty tasty. But then again, seaweed is supposed to look green. Potato chips not so much.

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Marmite Yeast Extract Crisps

You say Marmite Yeast Extract Crisps and you're likely to get a strong reaction from people. Hey, maybe the crisps make the thick, sticky brown paste taste better. One can only hope.

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Lay's Hot and Sour Fish Soup-Flavored Potato Chips

It's always good to expand your horizons - sample the flavors and culinary icons of different countries. You never know what you might like. Who knows? Like some others, you might just find yourself falling in love with the amazing flavor of Lay's Hot and Sour Fish Soup-Flavored Potato Chips. Foil-packed fish flavor on a potato chip. Right. Maybe they're good... or maybe you should just go get a bowl of soup.

Pringles' Xtreme Screamin' Dill Pickle

OK, not that a potato chip is going to really taste like a cucumber (right, a cucumber... oh, wait, there's a cucumber potato chip you say?), but pickle-flavored potato chips actually sound pretty tasty. Not content with Lay's Dill Pickle-Flavored Potato Chips, Herr's Creamy Dill Pickle Potato Chips, or Old Dutch Dill Pickle-Flavored Potato Chips, the market demanded something with more pickle flavor, extreme pickle flavor. And thus was born Pringles' Xtreme Screamin' Dill Pickle flavor. Scream, pickle! Scream!

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-Arthur Bovino, The Daily Meal