How to Make a '50s-Era Egg Cream Drink

Photo by Zach DeSartPhoto by Zach DeSartBy Rachel Sanders, Bon Appétit

Hold on to your bobby socks: A band of bartender converts are stepping up to the seltzer tap, returning us to the era of phosphates and egg creams. This time around they've got more attitude, a flair for experimentation, and-you guessed it-a real way with booze. Their fountains may have the Norman Rockwell look down pat, but don't be fooled: That's where you'll find the cool kids-and the cool kids' kids.

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5 signs that you're in a bona-fide soda fountain:
1 Counter, mandatory. Stools, too.
2 Fizzy water from a real seltzer tap.
3 Custom-blend Coca-Cola in a snap.
4 Serious ice cream for that serious hot fudge sundae.
5 A soda jerk who knows his bitters and his phosphates.

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The elements of an egg cream
The classic fountain drink is made with neither cream nor egg.

So how do you make one?
*Start with 1/4 cup whole milk.
*Add 3 Tbsp. chocolate syrup and shake in cocktail mixer.
*Pour into glass; top with 1/4 cup seltzer
*Garnish with a pretzel rod

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