6 Weirdest State Fair Foods that Make Fried Kool-Aid Look Normal (PHOTOS)

deep fried bubblegumdeep fried bubblegum Come one, come all for funnel cakes, corn dogs, deep-fried Oreos, and giant grilled turkey legs! State fair season is upon us. Throngs of Americans are strolling fairgrounds all over the country and sampling pretty much anything that can be pinned down, battered, and fried. And while the classics call to most of us, there are those few, those proud, the wacky fair foodstuffs that are maybe better appreciated with the eyes than with the belly.

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Check out these six foods from state and county fairs. I hope you've already had lunch.

Pulled pork parfaitPulled pork parfait

Pulled Pork Parfait

With mashed potatoes and beans, natch.

Pigs in the mudPigs in the mud

Pigs in the Mud

A.K.A. chocolate-covered bacon... with a light dusting of snow?

Country fried baconCountry fried bacon

Country Fried Bacon

Because it's not fattening enough on its own.

Deep fried salsaDeep fried salsa

Deep Fried Salsa

Why not save yourself the trouble of dipping and fry the chips to the outside of the salsa?

Walking tacoWalking taco

Walking Taco

Sounds far weirder than it really is -- just a taco in a bag you can walk around with.

Deep fried taste of AutumnDeep fried taste of Autumn

Deep Fried Taste of Autumn

Batter fried leaves raked from the lawn? Nope. Pumpkin pie filling with ginger snaps.

Image via Collin Harvey/Flickr

Written by Adriana Velez for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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