7 Delicious Different Ways to Enjoy Bacon

Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon.Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon.Homemade Bacon Recipe

No need to bring home the bacon anymore, when you can make it yourself. While there's plenty of good bacon available these days, the Accidental Locavore loves to make her own. It's really easy, just takes about a week to cure the meat, and you don't need a smoker, although you might want one. I generally use two 2 ½-pound pieces of pork belly because it's easier to handle and you can play around with different spice blends. This started out from Michael Ruhlman's excellent Charcuterie book.

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Bacon Sour Recipe

For all of your bacon needs this Sunday, the Bacon Sour (made with Basil Hayden's bourbon) will do the trick.

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Bacon Guacamole Recipe

If your football party is not complete without some guacamole and chips, take a cue from the master, Richard Sandoval, and serve his bacon guacamole. That's right, bacon. Need we say more?

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Bacon Caramel Popcorn with Bacon Salt Recipe

We always have bacon fat around. We often give it away as a parting gift if you come over to our house. What to do with it? Well, it's the moisturizer that keeps us looking so young... or pop your popcorn in it. This is an adult Cracker Jack with bacon instead of peanuts...

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Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

Bacon-wrapped shrimp gets a quick and easy Latin-inspired twist with a smoky chipotle sauce and a garnish of grilled pineapple coins and avocado balls. Bacon makes just about anything better, but it really infuses the shrimp with a richness that is second to none.

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Bacon Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Shake Recipe

It may sound crazy to put bacon in your oatmeal raisin cookies, but you'll soon see why we do it at Hot Cakes. Bacon paired with its breakfast counterparts oatmeal and raisins creates the perfect cookie, with hints of savory smokiness. We adapted our recipe just for this milkshake.

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Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe

Pancakes, chocolate, bacon - "there's nothing wrong with that situation," as one taste-tester commented. This happy marriage of vices is a great option when you're craving a sweet-and-savory breakfast-for-dinner dish.


4 strips bacon
1 3/4 cup buttermilk pancake mix
1 cup water
1 egg
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips Butter, for garnish


Cook the bacon in a pan over medium heat until crisp (we're talking super crisp here, you want the texture to stand out when they're mixed into the pancakes). Once cooked, set aside on a paper towel-lined plate to drain.

While the bacon is cooking, combine the pancake mix, water, and egg in a medium-sized bowl. Whisk together until there are no more lumps.

Crumble the bacon into small pieces and add to the batter, but make sure to reserve a couple pieces for garnish (or to snack on while the flapjacks are cooking). Add in the chocolate chips and mix everything together.

Pour a ladle-full of the batter (about a 1/4 cup) on to a non-stick pan over medium heat. You can cook more than one pancake at a time, just make sure not to crowd the pan or let the pancakes touch. Cook on one side until you start to see little bubbles, about two to three minutes. Flip and cook until the reverse side becomes golden brown.

Repeat until all the batter has been used or reserve in the refrigerator for later. To serve, garnish with a little bacon crumble and a pat of butter.

Recipe Details

Makes about 8 palm-sized pancakes.
Servings: 4

-The Daily Meal