8 Homemade Peep Recipes for Easter

The things you can do with Peeps never cease to amaze us. From a Peeps table centerpiece to a Peep bottle stopper - the possibilities are endless! Same goes for Peep-inspired desserts. If you're looking for a quick and easy treat you can make for Easter, look no further than the holiest of all marshmallows. Whether swimming in pudding, chilling on a crispy treat nest, or bathing in mini marshmallows - these adorable Peep recipes are sure to bring a splash of fun to your dessert table!

White Chocolate Peeps PopsWhite Chocolate Peeps Pops1. White Chocolate Peeps Pops
If your love of Peeps has left you feeling a little marshmallow-ed out, add in some melted white chocolate chips, throw in lollipop sticks, and you've got a brand new Easter treat!

Ingredients: 1 box of 12 Peeps
12 ounces white chocolate chips, melted
decorative sprinkles

Directions: - Place the Peeps on the lollipop sticks and dip them in the melted chocolate and cover in sprinkles. Then place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and place it in the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours, or until firm.

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Peeps in a Bubble BathPeeps in a Bubble Bath2. Peeps in a Bubble Bath
Peeps need to clean up every now and then, too. The best method? Dunking them on top of some chocolate cupcakes and filling up the "tub" with marshmallow "bubbles"!
Make Peeps in a bubble bath

Marshmallow Peeps in Crispy NestsMarshmallow Peeps in Crispy Nests3. Marshmallow Peeps in Crispy Nests
Every Peep needs a place to land - and what better place than a tasty, crispy "nest"? Now that's home sweet home!
Make marshmallow Peeps in crispy nests

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Chocolate Peep PuddingChocolate Peep Pudding4. Chocolate Peep Pudding

Is that bunny doing the backstroke? With Peeps placed on top of this luscious chocolate pudding, we almost want to dive right in, too!
Make chocolate Peep pudding

Easter Bunny PeepsEaster Bunny Peeps5. Easter Bunny Peeps
Hey, where'd all the Peep chicks go? These "bunnies" with chewing-gum ears certainly have no idea.
Make Easter bunny Peeps

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Fruity Easter MilkFruity Easter Milk6. Fruity Easter Milk

What's the right complement to a drink like this perfectly pastel milk? A hot-pink Peep on a straw, of course!
Make fruity Easter milk

Peep S'moresPeep S'mores7. Peep S'mores
S'mores are no longer just a summer snack. Now you can have them on Easter!
Make Peep s'mores

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Peeps in White Chocolate NestsPeeps in White Chocolate Nests8. Peeps in White Chocolate Nests

Until we figure out how to make a Cadbury Creme Egg omelette, these Peeps dipped in white chocolate will have to suffice.
Make Peeps in white chocolate nests

- By Jillian Capewell

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