8 Must-Have Summer Barbeque Accessories

By Jamie Wheeler, Intent.com

Summer is synonymous with grilling and great friends gathered for a barbeque feast. Father's Day is coming up and most dads love to grill. Why not make his next gathering even more enjoyable with one of these eight fabulous accessories? It's a gift he'll be grateful for, and one you can enjoy the benefits of as well!

The Ribolator

This rotisserie-type product keeps meats succulent and evenly cooked. "The RIbolator" cooks more than just ribs. Use it to grill perfectly cooked chicken, chops, and more!

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Portable Grill Light

Planning a party that will last til dusk or later? A grill light is a wonderful accessory. This stainless steel grill light is battery-operated and clamps on easily. NO more running in and out to "check" the meat color!

Beercan ChickCAN Rack

I have a friend that swears by this accessory; she says it makes perfect and delicious grilled poultry. "Instructions included with the rack make the process easy. Basically, the can is half emptied and seasonings such as Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and minced garlic are added. When heated, the liquid creates a fragrant steam that keeps the chicken moist."

BBQ Fire Starter Chimney

People who prefer to grill with charcoal rather than propane find this accessory indispensible. Charcoal fluid can leave a chemical residue on your food, but when you use a fire starter chimney, no lighter fuel is needed. Use some crinkled up newspapers and light.

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Personalized Grilling Branding Iron

Release dad's inner Cowboy and watch him beam with pride as he watches guests consume his roasted beasts.

T-Sticks: Individual, Disposable Meat Thermometers

One of the most challenging things for a grillmaster is trying to cook to the desired doneness for a variety of tastes. T-Sticks solve that problem and get everyone's order cooked to perfection. You can tell when the level has been reached as "the tip of the T-Stick changes from white to colored." You can even get a free sample by visiting the website!

Barbeque Marinator

"This easy to use food marinator marinates your food in minutes instead of hours with its food tumbler and patent-pending vacuum that removes air for superior food marination."

Swashbuckling Barbeque Sword

From the hilarious folks at ThinkGeek.com comes this fabulous BBQ Sword. It's a "19" long skewer designed to punch holes in your enemy's armor as well as fit up to four large marshmallows on double-tongs! Rejoice, ye violent gourmands! Now you don't have to choose between seeing your enemies flee before you, and roasting the perfect weenie."

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