9 Cheeses Worth Seeking Out

YumSugarSource: 9 Cheeses Worth Seeking Out

Last week's Winter Fancy Food Show was full of chips, crackers, and a number of new food trends, but if there's one product that always characterizes the show, it has to be cheese: it's everywhere. As cheese lovers, we tasted as many as we could spot, and discovered nine that are so memorable, we guarantee they're worth hunting down.

  • Coach Farm Triple Cream Goat Cheese: You've probably had a triple cream made from cow's milk, but this triple cream goat's cheese from Coach Farm is out of this world. It's not crumbly like chèvre; instead it's velvety and smooth.
  • Finca Pascualete Mini Torta: This petite Spanish sheep's-milk stunner had a somewhat unusual method of serving necessitated by its luxuriously oozy center. Instead of slicing off chunks, the top rind is sliced off, and the innards are stirred and then scooped out, while the outer rind is kept intact to serve as its container.
  • Kaserei Tufertschwil Chällerhocker: When they discovered what big cheese fiends we were, the importers at Columbia Cheese introduced us to Kaserei Tufertschwil Chällerhocker, which was the most complex, sophisticated Swiss cheese I've ever had. Its nutty, caramelly notes still linger in my memory.
  • Vermont Farmstead Cheese Lillé: The Vermont Farmstead Cheese Lillé became one of our favorites and we guiltily scraped the remnants clean. Like a mushroom-infused brie, you'll love it if you prefer ripe centered cheese and earthy flavors. This cheese hasn't left home yet, so you won't be able to buy it immediately. Contact your local cheese shop, so this cheese can start making its way out of the Vermont border.

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  • Azul Penacorada: Me gusta queso! This Spanish blue cheese completely baffled my taste buds with its smoky flavor and mouth-numbing affect. Creamy and not crumbly, Azul Penacorada is my new favorite blue cheese, period.
  • Thomas Hoe Red Leicester: Admittedly, I first sampled this vibrant-hued cows-milk cheese on a whim, intrigued by its flashy color. Let's just say I'm very glad my curiosity got the best of me, its caramel-notes, firm cheddar-like texture, and tangy barnyard notes combine to create an exceptional choice for bandage-wrapped-cheese aficionados.
  • Clawson Shropshire Blue: A cross between sharp cheddar and Stilton blue, Shropshire Blue is as colorful as it is flavorful.
  • Coconut Cheese: Coconut cheese? I'd never put these two items together, but the creamy aspect of both ingredients married together nicely in this sweet-salty Kokos Coconut Cheese.
  • Vermont Farmstead Cheese Alehouse Cheddar: Kettle Chips' Cheddar Beer variety is one of my all-time favorite snacks, and I'm similarly smitten with Somerdale's champagne-infused cheddar, so I was hardly surprised to find myself (and our whole team) falling hard for this nutty ale-infused cheddar.

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