9 Surprising Ways to Use a Panini Maker

Photo by: Photo by Leela Cyd Ross
Bon Appetit's 4-slice digital panini maker
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Tue, Aug 7, 2012 10:42 AM EDT
By Bon Appetit

A panini press doesn't hide what it is. In fact, its capabilities are listed right in its name: it's a press. For paninis. Really, though, it's much more than that--if only we could just see its full potential. Below, find eight outside-of-the-sandwich things to do with a panini machine (and one bonus panini for good measure...but it's got chocolate and bananas in it).

And hey, while we're on the topic, don't mind us if we do a little shilling: As part of our HSN line of cookware, we've made--yes, we made it! (kinda)--a digital panini machine. The fixed plates allow quick preheat time and even heat distribution (they're nonstick, too) and the hinge is designed to adjust to variable sizes of panini. Or burger. Or slab of salmon. And today, you can get it for $60 instead of the normal price $80. So why don't you have two already?

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