9 Ways to a Perfect Omelet

You won't believe what you can stuff omelets with! Whether you like Italian (green tomatoes and cheese), savory (carrots and bacon) or light (green peas and asparagus), you'll flip for our experts' creative new combos.

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Omelets are so simple, you can experiment a lot with the filling. Explore unexpected vegetables, seasonings and shapes.

Green Tomato-and-Pecorino Omelet
Chop green tomatoes and sauté them with chives in extra-virgin olive oil until soft. For the filling, use the green tomato mixture and pecorino-romano cheese.

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For a top-quality omelet, buy the freshest organic eggs available; they have lots more flavor.

Carrot-Bacon Omelet
Sauté finely grated carrots in butter until softened. Let cool, then add to the eggs with chopped fresh dill; cook and fold over. Sprinkle cooked bacon with parmesan and bake; crumble on top.

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Don't rush an omelet! After you've poured the eggs into the pan, stir to keep them from hardening. Then, while still semisolid, smooth them out and, as they continue cooking over very low heat, add the filling. Once set, fold. Ta-da! A moist, soft omelet!

Cheeseburger Omelet
For a real crowd-pleaser, fill the omelets with sliced American cheese, browned ground beef and sautéed onions. Halve the cooked omelets and serve on hamburger buns with plenty of ketchup and mayonnaise or your favorite burger toppings. The teens in my house go crazy for this.

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