Arrested Development Quote Pillows

Watch Julianna and Natasha make snacks inspired by the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix. Learn how to continue the Bluth family tradition of making delicious fried Cornballs, indulge in some famous Bluth Chocolate Covered Banana Bites, and when you're done eating, take a nap on an Arrested Development inspired Quote Pillow! Check back every week for more movie and television inspired recipes and crafts on Cinema & Spice.

Arrested Development Quote Pillows

If you're worn out from watching season four of Arrested Development all day on Netflix, take a snooze on one of our colorful Arrested Development quote pillows. Come up with your own favorite quote, or use one of our premade templates!

Supply List:

2 coordinating fabrics


Iron on paper & printer



Sewing machine

Coordinating thread



Needle for hand stitching

How To:

Pick out two coordinating fabrics, one plain and one patterned. Cut out one 16 in square from each piece of fabric. Print out your favorite Arrested Development quote on iron on paper (or use one of ours!), and cut it out to the desired shape. Following the instructions that came with your paper, iron the quote on to your plain square of fabric.

Pin the facing sides of fabric together, making sure to leave a space at the bottom for stuffing. Using a sewing machine, stitch together the sides of your pillow. Trim the corners of your pillow to ensure that is has nice, clean edges. Flip the fabric right side out, and use a chopstick to push the corners into a point.

You're almost done! Here's the best part: stuff your pillow! Once the pillow is stuffed, pin the opening closed and hand stitch to finish.

Voila! Now you have your very own Arrested Development Quote Pillow.