What Barack Obama Will Be Eating (and Drinking) at the Inaugural Luncheon

By Spencer Cain, The Vivant

Inaugural Luncheon Right after President Barack Obama is sworn in for his second term on January 21, the POTUS' family and some other political power players (including Vice President Joe Biden and his brood, Supreme Court justices, and various diplomats) will head straight to the Inaugural Luncheon. The luxurious afternoon festivities are to be held at the National Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building, and after seeing the full menu, we cannot contain our jealousy. When we caught a glimpse at the lavish dinner menu for the Golden Globes, we were slightly underwhelmed. However, this menu redeems our faith in high powered dining-not that we're surprised-this is, after all, for the President of the United States.

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As an interesting side note, there's been a bit of controversy based on the fact that the menu has Champagne from California listed as a wine pairing. "Champagne only comes from (the region of) Champagne, France," the director of the Champagne Bureau (the French industry's U.S. lobbying arm), Sam Heitner, stated. Apparently, there are varying opinions as to what can legally be called Champagne! Regardless, the lunch looks smashing. Read below to see what's being served, and click for the recipes!

First course: Steamed lobster with New England chowder; Anthony Road Winery, Fox Run Vineyards & Newt Red Cellars, Tierce 2010 Dry Riesling, Finger Lakes, NY

Second course: Hickory grilled bison with wild huckleberry reduction and red potato horseradish cake; Bedell Cellars, 2009 Merlot, North Fork, Long Island

Third course: Hudson Valley apple pie, sour cream ice cream, aged cheese and honey; Korbel Natural, Special Inaugural Cuveìe Champagne, California

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