The Best End-of-Summer Cheeses

Amy Sherman

Cheeses are seasonal. Milk is more plentiful and richer in the summer and fresh cheese just feels lighter and more in keeping with the season. Also sheep and goats only produce milk in the spring and summer. Since cheese makers freeze the milk or curds you can find fresh cheeses all year round, but enjoy them now while they are truly farm fresh.

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Mozzarella: Made from cow or buffalo milk, it's mild and milky rather than rich and buttery. A classic summer dish with mozzarella is Insalata Caprese.

Salty dry or creamy feta is perfect crumbled over salads, adding a bright and tangy counterpoint to naturally sweet summer fruit and vegetables. A classic summer dish with feta is Watermelon Feta Salad. Fresh goat cheese Fresh soft goat cheese has a lovely tangy quality and sticks to pasta or spreads easily on bread. In the summer goat's milk can be more floral and grassy, indicative of their diet. Try serving fresh goat cheese stuffed in a peach half.

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Soft and creamy ricotta is a cheese made from leftover whey. It Italy it is a byproduct of Parmesan production. Spread ricotta on slices of roasted eggplant and roll up for a vegetarian entree. Each of these cheeses are particularly versatile with summer produce.

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