Is This the Best Italian Restaurant in America?

Kelly CampbellKelly CampbellIn the landscape of the American dining scene over the past few years Italian cuisine has reached a notable level of nationwide trendiness. That's not to say that Italian food hasn't been widely popular in America for decades, it certainly has - but recently, a significant percentange of the hottest and trendiest restaurants, markets, shops, and food trucks are celebrating Italy's culinary offerings.

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Our selection for the Best Italian Restaurant in America 2013:

Babbo, New York City (pictured above):

As Mario Batali continues his reign atop the American culinary landscape, his flagship restaurant, Babbo, remains a New York essential. What can you say about this place that hasn't already been said? The pasta! That pork chop! Mario Batali is a genius! Rock music in a fine dining restaurant? Brilliant! At this longtime darling of the critics, after almost 15 years, you're still at the mercy of the reservation gods if you want to get in (but we've had some last-minute luck by closely monitoring their Twitter feed). Buona fortuna!

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-Arthur Bovino, The Daily Meal

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