Bethenny's Advice on Frozen Veggies? Get Real!

Bethenny's Naturally Thin Skinnygirl rules share a lot of advice. The rules have helped women lose processed food, and ultimately lose weight, but some foods are better than the alternatives.

Bethenny's Advice on Frozen Veggies? Get Real!

Bethenny explains in her "Get Real" chapter that "real food doesn't come in a package… it doesn't have a label," but some packaged foods can "actually be good investments some of the time." Bethenny understands that sometimes, you're on-the-go and you don't necessarily have the time to make fresh vegetables.

Ultimately, Bethenny believes this tip is the way to go when it comes to getting real with your diet:

"When you have a choice, pick what is most natural, assuming it looks good and it is what you want. Do the best you can. That's what I mean by get real."

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